The virtual CFO will serve as your ultimate Trusted Advisor. Gone are the days of being reactive when crises arise. You now have a partner to bounce ideas off of and get advice on your plans for the future. With foresight leading the way, we can assist in all strategic aspects of your company’s financial affairs.


Predictive analytics

12-month forecasting of the balance sheet, income statement, and cashflow

Cashflow Analysis including alerts to cash shortages and funding needs

Performance Reporting

Profit by project

Profit by employee or subcontractor

Baseline budget preparation

Resource Planning

Assisting determining hiring needs

Analysis of the financial impact of new locations

Incentive/Compensation Plans

Assisting with the development of new incentive/compensation plans

Review and provide guidance in modifying existing incentive/compensations plans

Strategic Planning

Discussions with Executives about the direction they want to take the business

Assisting with developing written plans for growth

Assisting with SWOT analysis

Sounding board for your ideas


Management Letter with advisory notes

Directors Meetings to present financial results and address board questions

Video conferences

Unlimited online support (email)