Why Outsource?


How do our services provide value?

What are the benefits to you and your business?

We know your pain points…

  • Hiring accounting staff
  • Invoicing government contracts
  • Dealing with Federal Acquisition Regulations on a daily basis
  • Doing your own bookkeeping after 8 hours on a contract.
  • Trying to figure out what the heck went wrong with the accounting system
  • A profit & loss statement for June…..in September
  • Moving timesheets and costs because you charged to the wrong task order
  • Forgetting to enter bills or even pay the bills because…you were busy on a contract
  • Not having the data on hand to bid on a new proposal
  • Coding every transaction correctly in accordance with FAR, GAAP, DCAA, CAS, and so on and so on
  • Not being able to take a day off AND not catch up the books
  • Not having coverage when your in-house bookkeeper goes on vacation
  • Having to pay extra for another accountant to clean up the mess you made
  • You REALLY don’t like dealing with the day-to-day accounting.
  • You’d prefer if someone just takes this all off your plate…

Our Value Proposition..

  • We are specialist in government contract accounting
  • We love accounting, we love financial analysis…we love numbers!
  • Our 3-tier virtual CFO services are more cost-effective than hiring and managing in-house
  • You gain expertise in every service area that we provide
  • You benefit from real-time financial information, already coded correctly and posted on time
  • You don’t have to train our staff and we are responsible for hiring the people we need to get the job done
  • We can reduce the clean up, tax notices, and other compliance stressful issues
  • We can assist in your strategy planning, directors meeting, and business growth with accurate information.
  • We are already your trusted advisor
  • We are happy to take the burden off of your plate
pain points

The case AGAINST keeping accounting in-house

When you hire in-house accounting staff, you will require multiple people to get accurate, real-time financial data.  Here are average nationwide (US) salaries of key accounting positions.  In addition to the salary, add another 30-40% for employee benefits and payroll taxes.

Position Median 75th percentile
Chief Financial Officer  160,681  199,000 
Controller  118,131 136,500
Accounting Manager  94,153 110.000
Bookkeeper  49,523 56,000

Source: Zip Recruiter, November 2023 (Fulton, MD)

service spectrum

Service Spectrum

Choose A Tier That Works For You!

Our pricing tiers are targeted for government contractors and the unique regulatory rules they must follow.  If you are not a federal contractor, your pricing may vary.