Pricing Prerequisites


Data needed for a preliminary price at the end of the presentation

We begin to prepare a price with the information you submitted in the scheduling request.  We will need some additional information to quantify the volume and types of transactions and systems you have, to calculate a realistic preliminary price.

  • chart of accounts or accounts listing
  • A trial balance report as of today
  • A general ledger report for the last 6 months
  • Comparative Balance Sheet for last fiscal year and the prior fiscal year
  • Comparative Statement of Income/Expense for the last fiscal year and the prior fiscal year
  • A payroll journal for the last payroll
  • Average number of new hires/ terminations a year
  • A recent fixed asset schedule or depreciation schedule
  • A job cost report
    Indirect rate cost schedule or a list of the indirect cost pools that you use (government contractors)
  • Number of accounting system users
  • Number of cost type contracts (CPFF, CPAF, Cost Reimbursable, Grants)
  • Number of active T&M, Labor Hours, or fixed price LOE contracts
  • Number of Firm Fixed Price contracts (not based on hours worked)

Data needed if you want concierge services

If you are looking for outside party quality financial statements or tax preparation services, we’ll also need these documents

  • Do the financial statements require footnotes/disclosures (those pages of text after the numbers)?
  • Federal and state business tax returns for the last 3 years
  • Property tax returns for the last year 

Remember!  We need this information 5 business days prior to your presentation.