Contract Management



Government Contract Management

All your hard work and effort has finally paid off… you just won the contract you have been working tirelessly on. But now what? Is your accounting system set up to track the contract costs? Or better yet, that one contract you have been lucky enough to work on for years finally has a modification. You briefly review the mod and save the document. Only to find out months later the government de-obligated funds for one PO and added another new PO. Immediately you go into crisis mode because for months you have recorded all the costs to the wrong job.

Does this sound all too familiar? If so, allow our government contract management specialists ease all these burdens for you. We will eliminate your stress and provide guidance through every phase of the government contract process while ensuring compliance with DCAA and FAR.


Contract Management

Contract briefs

Setting up contracts in the accounting system

Compliance with contract terms and conditions

Cost/price proposal review

Contract funding and value limitations

Provisional billing rates

Contract negotiation consulting

Contract/grant closeouts

Contract termination support

Requests for equitable adjustments

Subcontractor analysis and close outs


75% funding limitations

85% funding limitations

Expiring periods of performance (POP)